Honourable Charles N. Brower

International Judge and Arbitrator
International Dispute Resolution, Twenty Essex

Nationality: United States

Language(s): English, German, French, Dutch, Russian

Profile: https://twentyessex.com/people/charles-brower/


Twenty Essex

900 19th Street N.W. Suite 400, Washington, DC 20006

Tel: +1 202 361 8601

Website: https://twentyessex.com/

Email: cbrower@twentyessex.com

Honuorable Charles Brower - ADGMAC Arbitrator

Seats of Arbitration

Seats from jurisdictions on six continents

Applicable Governing Laws

Proceedings under the ECT, NAFTA, numerous bilateral investment treaties and various municipal state laws

Institutional Rules

ICC, LCIA, SIAC, UNCITRAL, SCC, ICSID, ARIAS, LMAA, principally under the arbitration rules of the AAA-ICDR

Areas of Arbitration Expertise

Chairman, president or presiding arbitrator, or sole arbitrator, or co arbitrator of international commercial and investment arbitration cases embracing the entire spectrum of commercial and treaty based disputes

Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Expertise

Judge of the Iran United States Claims Tribunal (1983 Present), Judge Ad Hoc of the Inter American Court of Human Rights (1999 2002), Judge Ad Hoc of the International Court of Justice in three contentious proceedings (2014 Present), Counsel and Advocate before the International Court of Justice in contentious and advisory proceedings (1992 1998)

Years of Arbitration Experience

57 year career in the law; nearly 40 years in international dispute resolution

Number of Arbitrator Appointments

Over 150 arbitrator appointments

Number of Arbitral Awards Issued

Over 150 arbitral awards issued