Dr. Srikant Parthasarathy

Independent Arbitrator, Chief Legal & Financial Officer, Chakra Venture Partners LLP

Nationality: Indian

Language(s): Legal & advanced proficiency in English, Tamil, Hindi, and 6 other Indian Languages; Conversational French and Spanish; Basic Arabic and Mandarin/Chinese

Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srikantparthasarathy/


Chakra Venture Partners LLP

Tel: +91 99863 28808

Tel: +91 80731 14413

Website: http://chakravp.com/

Email: casrikantparth@gmail.com

Email: drsrikantparth@gmail.com

Dr. Srikant Parthasarathy

Seats of Arbitration

India, Singapore, EU, UK

Applicable Governing Laws

India, Singapore, Malaysia, EU, UK

Institutional Rules

ICC, UNCITRAL, High Courts of India, IIAM

Areas of Arbitration Expertise

Commercial, Company, Shareholder Dispute, Ownership, Corporate Governance, Maritime, ISDS, Governmental relations, Real Estate, TMT, Family Office, Taxation

Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Expertise

Expert witness and Chair of Arbitration Committees under the patronage of High Court, India

Years of Arbitration Experience


Number of Arbitrator Appointments


Number of Arbitral Awards Issued


Number of ISDS Disputes

4 (2 on going)